Bhojpuri movies introduced some of the best Bhojpuri songs, including these 10 best Bhojpuri item songs of all time. Seema Singh, Sambhavna Seth and more Popular Item Girl in Bhojpuri cinema. Bhojpuri is one of the famous Film industry in India.

All of the Bhojpuri songs on this list are ripe with love, romance, passion, and patriotism. Opinions always differ, but most audiences rate these songs among the top ten based on originality, emotion ect.

Bhojpuri Cinema and music industry has really come of age in the last two-three years. The entertainment value has gone up of the Bhojpuri movies and songs. Heros like Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan have uped the ante while singers like Manoj Tiwari and Manoj Tiwari have given us unbelievable hits again and again.
The amazing voices of Kalpana Patowary, Indu sonali have won our hearts all over again. Following is the list of Top 10 Bhojpuri Songs.

Song Name:            Khatiya Charar Marar Bole
Movie/Album:         Piparwa Par Ke Baram
Cast:                      Menaka Sanga
Singer:                    Deepali Joshi
Music Director:       Ram Pravesh, Sunil Patni
Lyricist :                  T.P.Ojha
Music Label:           T-Series

Song Name:       Devra Anaadi
Movie/Album:    Ganga Maiya Tohe Chunari Chadhaibo
Singer:               Kalpana
Music Director:  Ashok Ghayal
Music Label:      T-Series

Song Name:       Bhawra Niyam Chhaila
Movie/Album:    Ae Babuni
Singer:               Sapana Abasti
Music Director:  Shashikant Mishra
Lyricist:              Raas Bihari Pandey
Music Label:      T-Series

Song Name:       Bichhuaa Re Kaala
Movie/Album:    Firangi Dulhaniya
Singer:               Kalpana
Music Director:  Satish, Ajay
Music Label:      T-Series

Song Name:       Kekara Banti Kekara Daanti
Movie/Album:    Mor Kareja Ka Tokda
Singer:               Hardeep Kaur
Music Director:  Ashok Ghayal
Lyricist:              Ashok Ghayal, Jitesh Sahabadi
Music Label:      T-Series

Song Name:        Kaike Gawan
Movie/Album:     Mor Kareja Ka Tokda
Singer:                Rekha Rao
Music Director:  Ashok Ghayal
Lyricist:              Ashok Ghayal, Jitesh Sahabadi
Music Label:      T-Series

Song Name:       Nathuniya Jabse Pahiral Baani
Movie/Album:    Mangal Sutra
Singer:               Indu Sonali
Music Director:  Laal Sinha
Lyricist:              Vinay Bihari
Music Label:      T-Series

Song Name:       Maari Maari Ae Baabu Saaheb
Movie/Album:     Nirhuaa Chalal Sasural
Singer:                Kalpana
Music Director:   Rajesh, Rajnish
Music Label:      T-Series

Song Name:       Pahali Raat Saiyan
Movie/Album:    Kable Aayee Bahar
Singer:               Kalpana
Music Director:  Rajesh Gupta
Lyricist:              Sachidanand Pandey
Music Label:      T-Series

Song Name:       Bathela Jobanva
Movie/Album:    Choli Ke Size 36
Singer:               Kalpana
Music Director:  Dhananjay Mishra
Music Label:     T-Series

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